Vocational Advice

Evidence shows that employment can be good for health and recovery. Employment can provide structure, motivation and meaning in life, help to build self-esteem and social networks as well as improve income levels.

Herts Mind Network offers successful Vocational Advice Services from all 7 of Herts Mind Network’s Wellbeing Centres. The Service adheres to the Individual Placement and Support Model; the most successful method of supporting individuals in gaining and retaining employment.

If you would like to:

    • Improve your self-esteem and confidence
    • Discover your skills and understand what type of work would suit you
    • Explore training and volunteering opportunities
    • Write a CV, cover letter or practice interview techniques
    • Decide whether to tell an employer about your mental health issues
    • Obtain work experience placements
    • Access support to help you to manage your wellbeing in the work place
    • Negotiate adjustments within your current employment

Herts Mind Network Vocational Advisors provide one to one support to help individuals achieve personal goals. In addition, employment related groups and work clubs encourage social support along the way.

For more information contact us.
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