Personal Development – Confidence Building

Do you have low confidence?  We run a Confidence Building Course to help you discover a more confident you through exploring your previous life experiences and learning practical ways to achieve more positive outcomes for the future, thus improving your confidence and self-esteem.

  • Practical ways to build your confidence and enjoyment of life
  • Look at how being assertive can result in more positive outcomes in a variety of situations
  • Explore thinking patterns and how these affect confidence, as well as the barriers and benefits of being a more confident person
  • Explore your positive qualities and use these to create an action plan to build a more confident and happy life

This course consists of six, 2 hour sessions over 6 weeks in a small group.  A qualified tutor will teach practical techniques and lead discussions in an informal, safe and supportive environment where you can explore thinking patterns and behaviours, and how these affect confidence as well as the barriers and benefits to being a more confident person

“It got me to leave the house. I think it’s a wonderful place to come and learn, and meet like-minded people”

“Through constant worry and anxiety I had little confidence in myself and the abilities I once had.  This course has shown me how to start rebuilding my confidence and believe in myself again”

There is a £10 fee payable in advance to ensure your place.

For more information contact us.
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