Older Peoples’ Services

Social, leisure and educational groups are available for individuals across all 7 of Herts Mind Network’s Wellbeing Centres in Hertfordshire. They offer the opportunity to share knowledge, skills and experiences and to feel supported.

Magic Memories

A meeting place for the over 60s who enjoy a walk down memory lane.  Fond recollections of the ‘good old days’ are re-visited and time is spent sharing memories with others in a relaxed setting.  Remember yesterday’s experiences and compare them to the events of today.

Memory Support Groups

Memory Support Groups are available for people over 65 who are experiencing differing degrees of memory loss.

The group provides opportunities for people in similar situations to meet, share experiences and enjoy a variety of activities to help keep minds active and alert. It also gives a carer the chance for time to themself.

Both groups enjoy laughing, an occasional sing-song and are excellent at making new members feel welcome.

For more information contact us.

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