Groups and Courses – Health and Leisure

Dancing – Over 50’s

This is a lively and popular group that promotes social inclusion, networking and healthy exercise.

Yoga Groups

Yoga is a method of attaining an inner state of harmony, peace, and wellbeing for the mind, body and spirit. By encouraging positive thinking and mindfulness it nurtures self- acceptance and self-appreciation.

During the course participants learn breathing exercises that energise and relax mind and body. Enrolees also learn yogic postures that strengthen muscles and improve balance and co-ordination. As well as relieving stress, yoga can help relieve and prevent back problems.

Walking Groups

Walking groups run weekly and are open to people of all fitness levels. Physical activity is proven to be good for mental wellbeing. Experts have shown that exercise releases chemicals in the brain that provide a feel good factor. Regular exercise can also boost self-esteem and help concentration, enhance sleep, physical appearance and emotional wellbeing. Taking part in physical activities offers a great way to meet people and enjoy a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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