Groups and Courses – Education


Suitable for both beginners and more experienced artists this group enables each individual to work at their own pace and to learn new skills by:

    • Learning and improving drawing skills through sketching and tonal studies
    • Experimenting with the range of watercolour, acrylic and oil techniques
    • Working with collage materials and mixed media
    • Working on group commissions and festive decorations

If you like working with your hands, or would enjoy trying something new, this group covers a variety of different styles of craftwork, including:

    • Glass Painting
    • Papier Mache
    • Card Making
    • Salt Dough
    • Decoupage
Creative Writing

For writers of all levels explore and develop your creative writing skills by:

    • Writing on weekly themes, such as: news, fairy tales, famous quotations, dreams, travel, etc.
    • Creating books
    • Compiling a group anthology
    • Using PCs to type and present work

Meeting each week during the growing months the group maintain the garden at the Hemel, Ware and Watford Wellbeing Centres. There is an additional gardening club at HMN’s allotment in Ware. A variety of vegetables and flowers are regularly planted and cared for. The gardens are enjoyed by many and we encourage new ideas from the group to make them even more attractive.


A range of courses designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced users alike:

    • An introduction to basic computer skills, including: how to switch it on/off, using the mouse and keyboard to find your way around
    • Learning how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and more
    • Getting the best from the internet and email
    • Basic trouble shooting and maintenance

This group is suitable for everyone, whether you enjoy singing, playing an instrument or just listening. This is a group that enjoys music of all descriptions.

    • Earthenware and Stoneware glazing
    • Coiling, slab work, moulds and hand building techniques
    • Learning about clay-working tools and equipment
    • Kiln technology
    • Sculpture
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