Community Development

The role of Herts Mind Network’s Community Engagement Worker (CEW) for Women and Young People enables improved access to mental health and learning disability services for protected groups, as defined within the Equality Act 2010, by working in partnership with the local Mental Health Trust.

The role of CEWs is about empowering communities and individuals to understand their own health needs as well as involving them in the development of services that are being provided. The role contributes to the development of countywide strategies for improved equalities in mental health and learning disabilities through targeted project work, in the case of Herts Mind Network’s CEW this involves working primarily with women and young people across the county.

Moreover, it is about ensuring a positive change in the experience of these groups in relation to their mental health and wellbeing. Types of support include one-to-one work, group support, community workshops, training and developing activities specific to the needs of these protected groups. Aiming to develop strong relationships with these communities.
Current projects include:

Happy and Healthy Children’s Centre Workshops: These are a series of workshops aimed primarily at mothers focussing on family health and wellbeing. Providing information and support on a range of health and emotional wellbeing related topics in a safe and supportive environment.

Women’s Wellbeing Workshops: These are a series of workshops specifically for women offering information and support on many areas of wellbeing including emotional wellbeing, confidence building and assertiveness, physical activity and nutrition, life balance and stress busting techniques.

Sportivate Project ‘Women’s Sport for Fun’: This is a series of sessions aimed specifically for women between the ages of 18-25 focussing on improving wellbeing. Providing a beginners introduction to a range of sports.

Young People and Mental Health Training: This involves providing training on young people and mental health to staff members working for community organisations such as local complementary and supplementary schools.

Young People’s Meeting Places: Will be working in partnership with local extended schools, colleges and universities to create ‘Young People’s Meeting Places’ providing support for those aged 16-25 where they can sit among like minded people in a supportive environment.

These are just some of the current services offered by Herts Mind Network’s Community Engagement Worker- Women and Young People. If you would like further information on this service please contact us.

For more information contact us.
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