Carers’ Services

Supporting someone you care about can take a toll on your mental health.  It can be emotionally demanding leading to stress and more serious ill health.  Our Carers’ support groups and courses, offer time out from the caring role, opportunities to share experiences, share information, learn new skills and meet other carers. This can reduce feelings of pressure and isolation.

Carers’ Support Group

This runs weekly at the Hemel Hempstead Well Being Centre. Carers can enjoy the opportunity to get together and have a coffee and a chat about what’s happening in one another’s life.

Carers’ Pottery

Here carers have free reign to be creative and to make items such as gifts for family, friends or the home.  The pottery class is led by an experienced tutor who promotes a therapeutic and friendly environment.   Beginners are welcome and no previous experience is necessary.

Carers’ Telephone Support Service

Sometimes carers are just too busy or involved in their role as a carer to access services via a Wellbeing Centre.  We offer a telephone support service where we ring carers on a regular basis to see how they are managing, what support is needed for them and if necessary signpost them to further sources of individual information.  Our telephone support service enables carers to feel they are listened to, supported, informed and most of all that they are important.


When a caring role becomes too pressured and the idea of attending a group is not appealing, an option is our one to one counselling service.  Counselling enables the individual to develop awareness and strategies for coping through exploration of thoughts and feelings within a confidential and supportive setting.  Through counselling an individual can experience positive change and a greater understanding of choices in life.

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